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Music students detail their unique music education experiences with Vadim, and what they take away from their music classes:

This semester you did more than teach the piano, you helped me understand the piano and opened up a new world for me. I learned a new "language" - one that expresses every nuance of human feeling more completely than a million words. I really enjoyed the classes, thank you for being such a wonderful instructor.


I learned more with you this year than I have in the past 3 years at music school! And I got to work on the pieces I was told were too complicated for me to try. Now I know there is a wide world of music waiting for me, and I can't wait!


...Thank you for taking your own time to teach me... Your enthusiasm for music is clear and reflects in your teaching! I've learned so much from the many lessons we have had together. And I can honestly say that you've contributed to my desire to challenge myself with new pieces!... Thank you for the immense help and guidance you've provided for me!...


...I am so grateful for all your dedication, I never thought I could learn music but here we are, a year later!


Thank you for everything in the past 4 years. I have really enjoyed playing with you and I have learned so much!


Graham had an excellent first year at Ithica, thanks to you!


Thank you for all the music you have taught us. You are a great musician and teacher.

Ashley and Allen

Thank you for your patience and wisdom!


You are a cool, one-of-a-kind teacher.

Megan and Kevin

Thank you for being the best piano teacher!


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