Part of the joy of music is the ability to pass it on.


For rates comparable to run-of-the-mill music schools, you can learn from an industry leader. In addition to a Juilliard education, published teaching methods, more than 25 years of

experience, and founding a nonprofit for music education, Vadim has worked with the titans of the music industry. His students rave about their ease in learning, rapid progress, and ability to tackle complex pieces. Join the savvy, award winning music students who are proud to call Vadim their favorite music teacher.



Youth Orchestra

by Vadim Ghin Music

Socially distanced Youth Orchestra sessions are now available in Hardyston NJ! Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, for ages 8 to 18. All skill levels and all instruments welcome! Special Christmas Recital included.


10 sessions = $250

Online Music Lessons

by Vadim Ghin Music

All online music lessons take place via FaceTime. These are the lowest priced private music lesson rates, with the most flexibility in scheduling and availability.

30 Minutes: $42.00

45 Minutes: $55.75

1 Hour: $73.50

In-Studio Music Lessons

by Vadim Ghin Music

Save more on private in-person music lessons by going to a home/studio location. Two locations are currently available:

Greenwood Lake, NY

30 Minutes: $52.50

45 Minutes: $68.25

1 Hour: $84.00

New City, NY

30 Minutes: $99.75

45 Minutes: $115.50

1 Hour: $131.25

In-Home Music Lessons

by Vadim Ghin Music

Gain the convenience of private in-home music lessons with this option. Rates depend on your distance from Greenwood Lake, NY:

Under 15 minutes from Greenwood Lake, NY

30 Minutes: $68.25

45 Minutes: $84.00

1 Hour: $99.75

15 to 30 minutes from Greenwood Lake, NY

45 Minutes: $99.75

1 Hour: $115.50

More than 30 minutes from Greenwood Lake, NY

Please Contact Us for a price quote.

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Music Teacher Experience

Master of Music - Juilliard, Published teaching methods, over 25 years experience teaching all ages. Founded a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit to further the accessibility of music education.

Instrument Options

All instruments (and popular musical subjects) are available, including: piano, guitar, violin, percussion (including drum), voice, cello, banjo, bass, bass guitar, bassoon, clarinet, conducting, ear training, flute, harp, horn, music composition, oboe, organ, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, ukulele, viola, and more.

Ages Taught

All ages (children to adults) and all experience levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc).

Music Lesson Lengths

Weekly 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour lessons are available. Both private and group music lessons are possible, depending on your schedule.

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